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Monday, August 19, 2013

ESET Smart Security 6 Free Forever

Posted by Shamim Imtiaz Khan

Hi Guys, This is very important to protect your PC from Virus. There are many different anti virus available in the market. They cost a lot of money which may not be affordable to all of us. Some free anti virus are also available like Avast but their performance is not very satisfactory. They may slow down your PC and may be your pc will be out of order after installing. Some of them does not compatible with the RAM and processor of the PC which cause hang up your PC to work.

From my personal experience I have used several anti virus till now and the best one that I found is ESET Smart Security. This is an internet security so it will not only protect you from virus but also from dangerous website, malware, spyware which come from the internet. It also have a personal firewall program which protect your pc from cyber crime.

ESET Smart Security is such a good anti virus that use a very low system memory. For that reason it will never slow down  your PC and it is compatible with all kind of RAM and processor. It does not matter how old your PC configuration is. ESET Smart Security will run and give you a very good service against virus. So guys I suggest you to try ESET Smart Security and feel the difference by yourself.

Download and Installation Instruction

1) Firstly uninstall any previous anti-virus you installed. As anti virus works with the core system uninstalling may left behind some file. Here I will suggest to uninstall your previous anti-virus with Anti-Virus Uninstaller program. Download Anti-Virus Uninstaller/ Removal Tools from here Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software
[N.B- If you have ESET installed before you have to delete the registry key. Go to Run>write REGEDIT and press enter> HKEY LOCAL MACHINE>Software>ESET. There delete the ESET key]

2) After After you uninstall any previously installed Antivirus you can now download the ESET Smart security 5 Anti-Virus setup file. There are 32 bit and  64 bit version. Check your windows version weather it is 32 bit or 64 and download accordingly. To check your windows version right click on My Computer> Properties.

3) Now download the Anti-Virus software from the below links.

4) After you downloaded the setup file you need to download ESET Pix software which will insert the OEM (Original Equipment Menufecturer) License into ESET, This OEM license does not have any deadline. It is for unlimited period of time. :). Download the ESET Fix from here ESET Pix

5) Now Install the Anti-Virus Software. 

During installation do the following:

** UnTick the Join ESET live Grid
** Enable Early warning system During installation.

6) After finish installation you have to go to the Safe Mode to install the OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) license. To go to safe mode restart your PC and press F8 key continuously.

7) While you go to safe mode choose the Administrator if you are asked to choose. [Some computer does not go to safe mode. In that case download the file SafeBoot.rar
You will find 4 registry key inside the rar archive. Now Marge the registry key (By Dubble click) according to your operating system's Service pack version. To see the Service pack version Right click My Computer>Properties.]

8) After your PC boot into safe mode Run the ESET Pure fix and press Fix it and wait for few seconds. It will Activate ESET which will never expire. 

9) Now Close & Restart your PC to normal mode. 

All Done

Now connect to internet and update Virus Signature Database. 

Enjoy ESET Smart Security 6 free Forever 

The database will update everyday automatically every time you connect internet so you don't have to update manually. To update database you should have internet connection. Once you update the database the database will be valid for 5 days. So to keep database up to date connect your pc everyday at least once.

Please comment if it helps you. Thank you.


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