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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FlipToast Shows Facebook Updates In Real-Time On Desktop

Posted by Shamim Imtiaz Khan

If you’re looking for a genuinely smart and dynamic Facebook desktop client for Windows or Mac, then FlipToast is probably the best option you can opt-in for. Contrasting to many other Facebook clients which don’t provide some essential Facebook UI elements, such as, live notifications and chat feature. FlipToast is designed to notify you about all the updates in real-time. Be it comment on your status, photo tag, status update, photo album addition, it will keep you notified about everything related with your Facebook profile. Moreover, Facebook chat is available with an option to go offline anytime. Being a distraction free Facebook client, you can keep the FlipToast sidebar along with chat window handy at any corner of the screen to perform other important tasks. The photo sharing and uploading feature requires nothing more than a drag & drop. You just need to drag the photo set over it prior to specifying the Facebook photo album to start uploading process. Aside from photo sharing and chat feature, it brings a brilliant news feeds reading pane, showing all the recent updates from liked Facebook pages and your friends.

After installation, it will sit in system tray, allowing you to bring up its main interface (sidebar), play/pause showing notifications on desktop, update your status, upload photos, etc. By default, the sidebar appears at right side of the screen, however, from Settings, you can change its orientation and position.


FlipToast sidebar contains all the provided features, which are, status update, photo albums upload, view recent notifications, news feed reading pane, play/pause notifications, and finally Facebook chat.


To view your online friends, click Facebook chat option which is disabled, by default. Once enabled, it will display your online friends with the facility to initiate conversation. Before uploading photo set, you can create a new album. Click the cross-imaged button to specify new album name and hit Create. Now, just drag the images folder to begin uploading photos to newly created photo album.


If you’re about to start working on some important project, don’t forget to turn the live notification option off to stop getting notification messages. Nonetheless, you can also shorten the notification fade out time from Settings window to make live notification messages distraction free.


The video below explains more about different features of FlipToast.

FlipToast is by far the most elegant Facebook client available out there. With its sleek desktop gadget like interface, you can keep all the essential Facebook elements at your fingertips. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

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