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Monday, February 28, 2011

Take Control Over Control Panel

Posted by Shamim Imtiaz Khan

You know, there are lots of applets in the control panel. Applet means the icon you see whenever you enter into the control panel. But you may not need all those applets. Even it is odd to see many unnecessary applets in the control panel or it may take some time to find your desired applet. You can easily remove unnecessary applet and set you control panel by keeping only your necessary applets, but how? Follow the steps below.

First choose "Run" from "Start" menu.

Then type "regedit" & press Enter. a. Now expand "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" then expand "Control Panel". Under the control panel you see a section named "don't load". b. Click On that section, you see some commands in the right window. In this right window you have to add applet command which you want to hide/remove from the control panel. c. Just right click on that window and select "NEW", then select "String Value". Now double click on the "New Value #1" to edit the string. d. Change the value name as the commands like "appwiz.cpl" and Value Data as "No". e. Now you need to restart the windows to make the editing take effect. Don't be worried, you can always recover it by deleting this command later.

Here is the list of control panel applet commands:

1. appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs Applet
2. devapps.cpl - PC Card Applet
3. ports.cpl - Ports Applet
4. powercfg.cpl - Power Management Applet
5. sticpl.cpl - Scanner and Camera Applet
6. srvmgr.cpl - Server Manager Applet
7. sapi.cpl - Speech Properties Applet
8. sysdm.cpl - System Applet
9. telephon.cpl - Telephony Applet
10. tweakui.cpl - TweakUI Applet
11. nusrmgr.cpl - User Manager Applet
12. wspcpl32.cpl - WSP Client Applet
13. quicktime.cpl - QuickTime Applet
14. S32LUCP1.cpl - Norton Live Update Applet
15. cpqmgmt.cpl - Compaq Insight Agents Applet
16. access.cpl - Accessibility Applet
17. console.cpl - Console Applet
18. timedate.cpl - Date and Time Applet
19. desk.cpl - Display Applet
20. fax.cpl - Fax Applet
21. hdwwiz.cpl - Hardware Wizard Applet
22. irprops.cpl - Infrared Port Applet
23. intl.cpl - International and Regional Applet
24. inetcpl.cpl - Internet Settings Applet
25. joy.cpl - Joystick Applet
26. liccpa.cpl - Licensing Applet
27. main.cpl - Mouse and Keyboard Applet
28. mlcfg32.cpl - Mail Applet
29. mmsys.cpl - Sound and Multimedia Applet
30. modem.cpl - Modem and Phone Applet
31. ncpa.cpl - Network and connectivity Applet
32. netcpl.cpl - Network and Dial-up Connectivity Applet
33. nwc.cpl - Netware Client Applet
34. odbccp32.cpl - ODBC Applet


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