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Monday, February 28, 2011

Make Windows (XP, Vista or 7) shutdown quickly

Posted by Shamim Imtiaz Khan

The fastest way to shut down Windows is to press the power button. Not a good idea, of course, but it is quick. When that method gives you a wake-up call by the suddon loss of data, you might want to consider another alternative. One good solution is to reprogram your system’s power button to exit Windows, without any prompts (except to save unsaved work, as needed) and then shutdown.

To do this: In XP, open Control Panel. In the ‘Performance and Maintenance‘ section, pick Power Options. Click the Advanced tab.

Under ‘When I press the power button on my computer’, select Shut down. Then click OK. In Vista, click the Start button, type power options, and press Enter. In the upper left, click Choose what the power buttons do. Next to ‘When I press the power button’, select Shut down.

You could also leave the setting at the default Sleep option, which can save you time when you power the PC on. Finally, click Save Changes. You may use the “classic start menu” since Vista makes no sense, then click Start, Settings, Control Panel, and then Power Options. That will put you at the same screen to access the “When I press the power button” settings. Now you can enjoy faster shutdown.

There is an alternative.... If you feel that your PC takes too much time shutting down, then here is a trick to shutdown your windows operating system quickly.

1. Go to Start —> Run and type “regedit” to open Regeditor
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER —> Control Panel —> Desktop.
3. Set the key “AutoEndTasks” value to 1.


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